About Us



Workhouse Gallery Presteigne carpets rug repair cafe shop

The Workhouse is family business in Presteigne, Powys, that was started in the late 70’s and has evolved over the years as different family members have added their stamp to it.

What started as a carpet repair business has evolved into a carpet design studio, carpet showroom, cafe, gallery and shop that includes many items we design and make. 

It was a natural progression to develop our own collection and over the past few years, we have been designing and making our own range of products under the label Llunio, enlisting the skills of some very talented makers, pattern cutters and leather workers to help us realise our ideas.

Llunio translation from Welsh to English: 
to form, to fashion, to construct

Our clothing designs come from a desire to create things we would love to wear. We have selected fabrics that are made from natural fibres, are washable and will wear-in gracefully. We hope that we have created a collection of classic, ‘everyday faithfuls’.

They are all made in Wales by our tiny team of amazing sewing stars who have put up with the blatant gaps in our knowledge and gently guided us with their vast expertise- making the process of bringing our ideas to fruition a real joy. Each design has been tried and tested by us, worn washed and where needed altered until we are satisfied that we’ve got it right.