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Carpet sales, restoration, cleaning and bespoke weaving

Rugs and Textiles

Repairs & Cleaning

Repairs and Cleaning

Our highly skilled and friendly team uses many years of expertise to offer a wide-ranging repair service and advice.

From complete rebuilding of missing areas to low cost stabilising of your treasured old rugs, we can adapt restoration and conservation techniques to suit the needs of the customer, the carpet and the budget.

Please come along to our well-equipped, purpose-built workshop to discuss your rugs. We also offer site visits and evaluations where appropriate and can write reports on history, age, value and condition of your rugs and carpets with recommendations.

Timely cleaning can protect and extend the life of carpets. Our cleaning facility extends from small rugs to 6 × 12 metre carpets, using safe specialist crystallising cleaning products to clean the wool pile and beating and tamping techniques to remove damaging dust and grit brining life and vigour back to your carpets- sometimes with startling results.

Clothes moths can be a serious problem causing serious damage to wool carpets and textiles, after years of research we have manage to find two products that provide a very safe solution that are free of harmful chemicals and really tackle the problem. The first are moth traps that have a pheromone on a sticky pad that attracts the moths, these will help you to monitor your moth population and indicate if you have a problem. The next product is an entostat powder, a natural food grade product, which is combined with the pheromone specific to the female clothes moth to create an intelligent and pesticide free system. 

Retail Gallery

Retail Gallery

We source a great selection of hand woven carpets, rugs, kilims and textiles from all over the world specialising in ethically produced, beautifully designed, wool carpets with many of our lines using natural dyes and hand spun wool. Our aim is to find and support small weavers and producers buying directly from them and work with them to develop their products to be as sustainable and saleable as possible. In our own workshops in the mountains of Bulgaria we weave collections of rugs and kilims and also offer a bespoke design service.

We also supply two types of underlay, which is important for the look, feel and ease of use of your new or existing carpet. The first, Multi-Grip, is an anti-slip underlay, which can be cut to any size, is machine washable and is suitable for all hard-flooring. Its open design allows the floor to breathe, improves tread comfort, and enables dirt to fall through the rug and be vacuumed from underneath; greatly minimising wear and tear. For carpet on carpet, we stock Rug Hug which, although not 100% effective, is a very useful tool to prevent the top carpet from ‘walking’.

Bespoke Weaving

Bespoke Weaving

For over 30 years we have been designing and making fine quality bespoke hand knotted carpets and flat weaves from both historical and newly drafted designs.

All our carpets are designed, coloured and drawn here at our studio in Wales the carpets are then hand woven in our workshops in Bulgaria where a team of highly experienced weavers work in teams of 3-4 for up to six months on each carpet, we use the best quality dyes and dye in small batches in wood fired vats all our carpets are hand finished and not chemically washed.

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