Living Van | Traditional design | David Bamford

Home office, Glamping, Summer house, Shepherds hut, Spare bedrooms 

6m long x 3m wide, joiner built.
My asking price is £40,000.
Please contact David Bamford -, 01544 267849

Main double bedroom with child’s under bed with fitted wardrobe, chest of wicker drawers, twin 13 amp sockets and new hand made tufted mattresses.

The glazed main split door opens into a small office desk with glazed double door cupboard above again with 13 amp sockets.

This leads into the stove area fitted with high quality European stove with hot plates and a good size oven, fitted to a stainless steel double wall chimney with removable top section when on the move. The whole of the fire place is lined in fire proof boards and faced in decorated steel sheet. The stove is certified European CE. Opposite the stove is a table work surface with 4 wicker drawers below. The saloon has seating all round and will draw out into a full size double bed again on 2 hand made tufted mattresses with bedding storage boxes below. On the stove wall there is a row of 3 glazed double door cupboards, 13 amp sockets with over head lighting throughout. All fitted to a handy fuse box which is certified tested by a qualified electrician.

The construction is twin wall timber with high quality PU insulation throughout walls, ceilings and floor. The hand made doors and sliding sash windows are all double glazed.

The external kitchen floor slides out from rails on top of the belly box, clips onto side chassis rail and has 2 adjustable front legs. The steps to the van come up the side on to a step up into the van with an area for coats and boots. The fitted canvas tilt and kitchen sides will be made when the van is sold and a discussion as to how big the canvas tilt will be.

The exterior is clad in tg&v treated yellow pine and painted. Last year a new curved wriggly tin roof was fitted which is easily maintained and waterproof.

The gluelam timber and steel chassis was designed and engineered in our workshop fitted to a 4’ front steering ring on ball bearings, 4 leaf springs in each corner, heavy axels fitted with large agricultural type tyres will go across mud and soft ground very well. The wind on brakes could be adapted for road use, the van was designed to be brought to shows on a low loader with the traction engine.

Painted in pale grey and cream, the van could be washed down with suger soap, gently sanded and repainted to your own colours without loads of work.

I have attached some photographs, there are more. We have been building this van very carefully over the last 4 years and have now decided to make it available for sale. It would not need much to make it available to let later this year, probably just the bedding. It is designed to have an external kitchen with a gas stove, not cooking in the van and to have an external wc and wash area. The van is fitted with 2 low wattage tube heaters for winter storage.