Workhouse Gallery Presteigne Cafe interiors
GOOD FRIDAY - 19th April
Gallery and café 10- 4
Gallery and café 10- 4
EASTER SUNDAY - 21st April
Gallery and café will be closed
EASTER MONDAY - 22nd April
Gallery and café will be closed
Come and enjoy the sunshine in our café's courtyard. We will have an Easter simnel cake tomorrow to accompany your coffee or tea. Or stay a little longer for lunch from our new menu. We also have a wide range of wine, beer and soft drinks available. You are very welcome to call us to make a booking for lunch: 01544 267864 or e-mail


We will be open each day over the Bank Holiday.

The Workhouse Cafe will be open Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 10am to 4pm serving pastries, light lunches, excellent coffee, home made cakes, ice cream and a wide range of teas, wine and beer. We have a seasonal lunch menu with a variety of salads, soups, frittatas and tarts - all generous in flavour. Relaxed seating, a courtyard garden and children and dogs are very welcome.

There will be Open Studios throughout Presteigne over the weekend, including Sara Bamford's sculptures. Studio opening times: Saturday 25th - Monday 27th August from 11am to 5pm. Follow this Facebook link for map of locations and participating artists: Open Studio Presteigne.

Sara Bamford sculpture presteigne


- to form, to design, to construct, to fabricate
Llunio made at The Workhouse Presteigne Rose Bamford


As a family of makers based in Wales, and very rooted here, we wanted a name for our new collection of products, made especially for The Workhouse, which represented our connection to this place.

Llunio is not only a beautiful Welsh word, but it also sums up perfectly what we do; design, fabricate and construct. Over the past few years, we have been designing and producing new products here in our workshop, enlisting the skills of some very talented makers, pattern cutters and leather workers to help us realise our new designs. Now we have a range of beautifully scented candles, handbags and the first few items from our clothing collection available.

The clothing designs come from a desire to create things we would love to wear and are useful. We have paid particular attention to making things you would want to keep and that improve with age.

We have selected fabrics that are made from natural fibres, are washable and will wear-in gracefully. We hope that we have created a collection of classic, everyday faithfuls that you will miss when they are in the wash! The full collection will be available at The Workhouse and online very soon.


llunio Workhouse Gallery Presteigne Bamford



rug repair textile conservation carpet

A sale of beautiful rugs repaired in our workshop. Our highly skilled team led by Sara Bamford uses many years of expertise to offer a wide-ranging repair service and advice. From complete rebuilding of missing areas to stabilising of treasured old rugs, the team can adapt restoration and conservation techniques.

Open Mon-Sat 10-4. Free parking and easy access.


We are open:
Good Friday - open 10am to 4pm
Saturday 31st March - open 10am to 4pm
Easter Sunday - closed
Easter Monday - open 10am to 4pm

A perfect day out at the Workhouse Gallery this Easter! Shop in the gallery and lovely light lunches, homemade cakes (including Sarah's Simnel cake) and coffee in the café.

Workhouse Cafe cake restaurant Presteigne


Cleaning rugs in the snow here at the Workhouse Gallery. The snow was perfect for cleaning as it was powdery (unlike the usual wet slush) and the dry snow brushes through the rugs picking up all the dirt.

rug carpet Workhouse Gallery cleaning repairs
Vintage rugs carpets Wales

David Bamford Presteigne carpet rugs historic

rug clean conservation repair carpet uk

We are preparing for the 'Knackered but Nice' rug exhibition coming up soon from 3rd - 28th April. A sale of beautiful, handmade rugs repaired in our workshop.

SALE! January 29 2018

The Workhouse Gallery SALE starts 1st February.

Workhouse Gallery Sale Presteigne carpet sale rugs

Up to 50% off selected pieces. Amazing reductions on some of our most beautiful carpets, textiles, gifts, art supplies, haberdashery, clothing, toys and many other unique items. Plus hugely reduced prices for our prototypes and samples; jackets, apron dresses and artists' smocks in linen, denim and canvas.

Open: Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 4pm (until 3rd Febuary)
Open: Monday - Saturday, 10am - 4pm (from 5th February onwards)



JUST TRADE - Ethical jewellery at The Workhouse Gallery January 15 2018

Conscious and sustainable brands at The Workhouse Gallery

Just Trade bracelet at the Workhouse Gallery Presteigne

Just Trade is an ethical jewellery brand founded on principals of fair trade and sustainable practices. Working with eight groups of artisans in Peru, Ecuador, India and Vietnam, all their pieces are made using locally sourced and ethical materials and reflect their collaborative approach in their innovative and varied designs.

The Alexandra bracelet (above) is one of our favourites. Crafted by Nieves and Cristina from the Hope Jewellery Fair Trade Project in Lima, Peru, its beautiful geometric design is shaped out of coiled brass, making for a modern and contemporary feel. By working with Just Trade, the women from this project are able to educate their children and secure a better future for their families.

Jewellery at The Workhouse Gallery Presteigne

Laura Cave, founder of Just Trade, studied jewellery design at The School of Jewellery in Birmingham and later the Royal College of Art in London. She visited Peru to volunteer with a fair trade jewellery project. It was there that she saw the incredible potential in the skills that they already had, materials that were available locally and the artisans desire to learn more. "I wanted to collaborate with them make desirable products that are valued not only for their fair trade approach but also for the quality of the design and craftsmanship". Just Trade was founded in 2006, born out of first hand contact with people in the developing world and the recognition that in order for small Fair Trade projects to be sustainable, they need a long-term route to market for their goods.

See you in the new year! December 27 2017

The Workhouse Gallery and Cafe are closed between Christmas and New Year. We re-open Tuesday 2nd January 2018. Wishing you all a very happy new year.

NEW CLOTHES LINE October 11 2017

Our new clothes line has launched!  Japanese jackets, apron dresses and artists' smocks in linen, denim and canvas.  All hand made upstairs in the workshop here at the Workhouse Gallery.

Live Work clothes handmade wales workwear

Rose Bamford Workhouse Gallery Presteigne

Artist smocks apron dress UK

TULIP FEVER October 04 2017

These beautiful collections of bulbs have been put together by Sabina Rüber and are available to order now here at the Workhouse Gallery. There are five collections to choose from.

Sabina Rüber is an acclaimed gardens photographer and lives locally. Her work has appeared in numerous publications, including Gardens Illustrated, House & Garden, The Times and The Observer. Her stunning book, Painterly Plants is also available from us here at the Workhouse.

Sabina Ruber tulips

Tulip bulbs photography photograph ruber

Spring bulbs photographer Sabina Presteigne


For h.Art we will be exhibiting a collection of Sara Bamford's figurative sculptures in welded steel. The gallery and cafe will be open each day from 10am to 4pm during h.Art which runs from 9th - 17th September (Sundays 11am - 4pm).

Sara Bamford Sculpture Presteigne

More about Sara's work here:

TOVI SORGA - printed leather June 30 2017

Makers at the Workhouse Gallery

At the Workhouse Gallery we work with makers from across the UK and we especially enjoy working with inspiring designers and craftspeople such as Tovi Sorga.

Tovi Sorga

Founded by artist and leather jeweller Tovi Sorga, Bristol based accessories brand Tovi Sorga produces some of the finest leather finishes available today. At the heart of the work are rich, delicate prints.The unique printing technique, honed by Tovi over the past decade, helps create the unparalleled depth and richness for which his work has become reknowned.

Tovi Sorga

Avoiding the flat, often mechanical effect of much digital printing on leather, bold colour is fixed in such a way as to allow high definition and range. Celebrating Tovi and his partner Agnes Davis’ love for nature, purses, wallets and journals are covered with flowers from an English summer and a Dutch spring, the impressions of lace and decoupage roses. Vibrant charms cut into the shape of butterflies and fish are printed with wonderful accuracy, mimicking the natural creatures themselves.

Dutch Spring Tovi Sorga


Dutch Spring Wallet (available at The Workhouse Gallery)

Butterfly keyring Tovi Sorga

Marmaduke Butterfly keyring at The Workhouse Gallery

 Tovi Sorga Octopi journal

Octopi journal

Working from their studio in the vibrant hub of Bristol’s Stokes Croft, Tovi designs and works with his partner, Agnes Davis. Agnes is a writer by trade, and a poet at heart, but fell in love with Tovi and his work when they met several years ago.

Tovi Sorga Agnes Davis
Their creative partnership has led to new developments for the business, with Agnes taking on the web-design, photography, PR and marketing which enables Tovi to concentrate on meeting the ever-growing demand for their collections.

Texture and a craftsman’s adoration for material are key to Tovi’s work. The finest leather hides are selected and treated by Tovi himself to achieve his trademark ‘buttery’ texture.

Tovi Sorga leather suede

Tovi prints the leather using a digital process, and crafts his products on a hand turned vintage Singer sewing machine – one of the most essential tools in the trade to achieve absolute accuracy and control.

Tovi Sorga sewing machine

Traditional leather craft tools and techniques are then applied to create a hardwearing and luxurious finish. It’s a particularly difficult process to achieve success with, as the durability of the surface, tactility of the leather and definition of the design all need expert handling to achieve this superb finish.

Tovi Sorga leather

Tovi Sorga
Tovi’s work has become well known around the world. He has received commissions from the Royal Academy and Rijksmuseum, and also undertaken collaborations with other creators, including corset designer, Lisa Keating, tebori tattoo artist, David J Watt, and wallpaper designer, Juliet Chadwick.

Essential to Tovi and Agnes’ creative ethos is the sustainability of their work. Tovi only uses leathers that are recycled as a waste product of the food industry, from trusted British suppliers, who meet strict European standards of animal and worker welfare. Leather is carefully sourced to create as low a carbon footprint as possible. Packaging is British-made from recycled and biodegradable materials wherever possible.

English Summer Tovi Sorga

English Summer wallet at The Workhouse Gallery

Trout keyring Tovi Sorga

More about Tovi Sorga here


The new circular carpet for the Card Room at Goodwood House was woven in Bulgaria under the direction of David Bamford and is an exact copy of the original Regency Axminster. This is part of David's ongoing reweaving of carpets for Goodwood House. (Photos below by James Peill, with thanks).

David Bamford carpet rug Goodwood House bespoke weaving



The process begins with a visual appraisal of the original carpet, taking note of the design, where it repeats, the major motifs and all of the colours used. Then the carpet's overall size is measured along with the size of the different motifs and distance between them to prevent distortion of the design in the drawings of the rug.

At this time we also do a knot count to measure knots per square metre. A few knots of each colour are removed from the original rug to match the dyes for the new carpet. Finally, the carpet is photographed in a grid pattern to double check that we have not missed any variations in the design.

All of this information is then used to as a guide to create a grid showing the correct knots per square metre with colour of each knot represented by a coloured square on the gridded paper. The point paper along with samples of all the colours are then sent to our weavers in Bulgaria and a 1 x 2 metre sample is woven showing all major motifs and borders for the client’s approval.

Once the client agrees the sample, the rest of the drawing for the full carpet are completed and sent to Bulgaria for the full size carpet to be woven by our team of amazing weavers!

 David Bamford rug carpet Goodwood

Read more about our bespoke weaving here and David's website here

ARMEL DESRUES - glass artist and craftsman May 17 2017

Makers at the Workhouse Gallery

At the Workhouse Gallery we work with makers from across the UK. Armel Desrues is a French glass artist currently working at the Baldwin Guggisberg studio based just outside of Presteigne. We stock his hand blown tableware - glasses, carafes and bowls in beautiful jewel colours.

Armel Desrues Workhouse Gallery Presteigne
Workhouse Gallery Presteigne

Armel Desrues was introduced to the world of craft from an early age: his father a cabinet maker, his mother an antiquarian. Armel has always been inspired by the handmade and hand crafted. At the age of fourteen he made the decision to finish traditional education and concentrate on learning how to blow glass. At the Ecole Nationale du Verre in the Auverne, Armel spent four years studying and exploring the extraordinary natural fluidity of molten glass. A passion for this material and a determination to become truly skilled was born. 

After he completed his diploma, Armel crossed the Atlantic to Montreal in Canada, where he continued his studies at the Ecole du Verre. Here he enjoyed the freedom to experiment and explore many different techniques in glass: lost wax, flame working, cutting on glass, casting, fusing, slumping. During these three years, Armel developed his own style which he now applies to his beautiful signature pieces. He also enjoys working on simple objects which echo his earlier training in France: everyday vessels known in France as ‘the Art of the Table’.

Armel has enjoyed some fascinating opportunities. He worked in the studio of the Corning Museum of Glass in New York, an amazing institution dedicated to the art, history and science of glass. At the end of his studies he was invited to do an artist's residency in Taipei, where he spent three months.

Armel had long admired the work of Monica Guggisberg and Philip Baldwin, two international artists based in Paris where he did an internship at the age of eighteen. Armel's completion of schooling in Montreal coincided with Philip and Monica's move from Paris to their workshops near Presteigne. The timing was extremely fortuitous as they needed an assistant and Armel was keen to work with them. At the studio Armel works on projects and commissions with Philip and Monica, but also concentrates on his own work and art. These photos show Armel at work on his own collection at the Baldwin Guggisberg studio.

Armel Desrues
Armel Desrues Baldwin Guggisberg
Armel Desrues Workhouse Gallery
Armel Desrues
Armel Desrues glass blower
Armel Desrues glass artist
Armel Desrues glass blowing art
Armel Desrues glass
Armel Desrues
Armel Desrues

Here are more photographs of Armel's work :Armel Desrues
Armel Desrues
Armel Desrues

Get Creative March 29 2017

Get Creative Workhouse Presteigne Wales
As part of the BBC's Get Creative weekend we are running two free events at the Workhouse Gallery.
Friday 7 April 11:30am to 3:30pm: Chalk Painting Demonstration upstairs in the Workshop.
Come and see how you can use our Vintage Paint to ‘upcycle’ an ordinary piece of furniture into something really special. Jenny will be painting a few small pieces of furniture from start to finish.
Saturday 8 April 10am to 2pm: Sewing and Leatherwork Demonstration upstairs in the Workshop.
Come and see Rose working on our new clothing designs and handbags.

On 7-9 April BBC Cymru Wales, Arts Council of Wales, Voluntary Arts Wales and What Next? are teaming up for a weekend to celebrate the nation’s creativity – and we’re inviting you to join in. Shining a light on Wales as a place where we take part in arts and culture and get creative! More about Get Creative here


Makers at the Workhouse Gallery
At the Workhouse Gallery we work with makers from across the UK but we especially enjoy working with local craftspeople such as ceramicist Malcolm Turner.
Raku by Malcolm Turner at Workhouse Gallery Presteigne
Raku by Malcolm Turner at the Workhouse Gallery
Malcolm's pottery is nestled in a wooded valley in a disused quarry near Knighton. "When I found a place to build my kiln I discovered that the locals called the place Smokey Quarry, or in one case, Smokey Dragon. Too good to waste as a name for a wood-fired kiln that is more than a little 'dragonish'."
Malcolm Turner Smokey quarry
Smokey Dragon Pottery Malcolm Turner Wales Ceramics
Malcolm also has a a potters wheel and a small electric kiln in a shed behind his flat here in Presteigne. "I can make work here, bisque fire it and then transport it to Smokey Dragon where I glaze and fire it".
Malcolm Turner Ceramics
Malcolm Turner ceramics
Malcolm has been building kilns and making pots for over 40 years, and his work employs the dramatic Japanese technique of Raku. Pots are fired to a high temperature and removed from the kiln while they are still glowing hot, then quenched in cold water and sawdust. Sometimes explosive reaction to this thermal shock produces crackle patterns in the glaze and a rich black in the uncovered clay.
Raku ceramics pottery
Raku ceramics Malcolm Turner Presteigne Wales
Raku waiting to be fired
As well as making Raku pots, Malcolm has a wood-fired kiln in which he produces a wide range of high-fired work.
Kiln wood fired Malcolm Turner ceramics
Malcolm, "Actually 'work' may not be the best word for what I presently do. In the past I sat at a wheel and made hundreds of pots for domestic use. I still like to use the wheel and I never make just one pot at a time but now I am free to play and experiment with a range of techniques. I suppose I'm a lucky man!"
Malcolm Turner ceramics Wales
Malcolm Turner ceramics
Wood fired pottery Malcolm Turner ceramics
Malcolm is presently making some porcelain pieces for the next wood-firing. All photos are from his Instagram account, with thanks.

Early Closing: 2pm Saturday, 4th February 2017 February 01 2017

In honour of our dear friend and colleague Nicola Humphreys, we will close early this Saturday so that all members of staff can attend her memorial service.


Makers at the Workhouse Gallery

First in a series of blogs about the makers who inspire us. Here at the Workhouse Gallery we work with craft makers and showcase and sell their work. We choose thoughtful, sustainable and beautiful pieces which are expressed through dedication to method, materials and design.

James Burnett-Stuart is a local potter who produces seemingly simple rustic pottery but which is, at the same time, sophisticated and beautiful. 

James Burnett Stuart at the Workhouse Gallery Presteigne

James trained at Harrow College from 1986-8, having originally done a degree in English Literature at Cambridge University. He made ranges of tableware for shops and galleries including The Conran Shop, Designer’s Guild and Egg. His work from this period was frequently featured in magazines such as World of Interiors, Elle Decoration and Country Living. James has held solo shows of more individual pieces at The Scottish Gallery (Edinburgh), Egg (London) and Charleston Farmhouse (East Sussex). James was also Artist in Residence at Charleston. From 1999 James took a ten year break from pottery and concentrated on other things including drawing and painting. He started making pots again in his beautiful workshop at Lower Way Farm near Kington in 2009.

James Burnett Stuart

James Burnett Stuart

"I like the way pots enter our lives stealthily, benignly, and exert their quiet influence. As companions, offering beauty, comfort, practical service, sensuous experience all in a modest almost subliminal way. This is the beauty of pottery - that it lives side by side with us not calling for attention, and not provoking self-consciousness. But allowing, as it were, by slow release, discoveries of depth and detail" - James Burnett-Stuart.

James burnett stuart

"All my pots are, as always, made from red earthenware clay which is slipped with a lighter coloured clay, and glazed, possibly with a second layer. Many pots are thrown and often altered immediately – for example scalloped or fluted. Increasingly I like making pots free-hand or with simple wooden moulds. This enables one to make pots that aren’t round."

James Burnett Stuart Workhouse Gallery Wales Herefordshire

James Burnett Stuart gallery Presteigne Workhouse Bamfords

"I hope have taken some influence from local hedgerows and weather, as well as certain types of Japanese and European pottery. They are of a scale – my preferred scale – that invites being picked up, felt and used" - James Burnett-Stuart.

James Burnett stuart Workhouse Gallery Bamfords

James' work is available to buy from us at the Workhouse Gallery. Please email us if you are interested in a particular piece.



Rug and Textile Sale Now On August 23 2016

Fabulous discounts on carpets and textiles until Saturday 24th September 2016.

Crane Cookware now available at The Workhouse June 01 2016

Succulents in the sunshine May 04 2016

It is finally time to get out and enjoy our courtyard in the sunshine for a coffee or light lunch.  We are busy planting our seeds in the garden so in a months time we will start  to serve our own produce in the café for you to enjoy.  We also have a nice selection of tools and other practical and fun items to use in your garden at home.

Thank you and Merry Christmas December 24 2015

We will be having a little break for the next 10 days, but we want to
take this opportunity to say thank you to all of our loyal customers. 
We hope you all have a great holiday and see you in 2016!

Christmas at the Workhouse December 01 2015

This year’s bazaar is all about earthy colours, nature and light. We collaborated with Tom Perceval, who laser cut our window display of snowflakes, and ordered baubles in lovely, earthy shades. As always the shelves are heaving with all kinds of potential presents for your loved ones from stocking fillers to more special gifts.