-Open Wed-Sat 10am to 4pm-


Exhibition of Suzani Textiles

From Tuesday 19 April until Saturday 30 April

We will be showing a fabulous collection of hand embroidered suzanis which David discovered in Istanbul alongside a lovely display of BareBlooms locally grown, fresh flowers available to purchase during the exhibition. (www.bareblooms.co.uk)
Suzani is a type of embroidered and decorative tribal textile mostly made in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Suzani is from the Persian word Suzan which means needle. Popular design motifs include sun and moon disks, flowers (especially tulips, carnations, and irises), leaves and vines, fruits (especially pomegranates). The oldest surviving suzanis are from the late 18th and early 19th centuries, but it seems likely that they were in use long before that. Suzanis were traditionally made by Central Asian brides as part of their dowry, and were presented to the groom on the wedding day.