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The new circular carpet for the Card Room at Goodwood House was woven in Bulgaria under the direction of David Bamford and is an exact copy of the original Regency Axminster. This is part of David's ongoing reweaving of carpets for Goodwood House. (Photos below by James Peill, with thanks).

David Bamford carpet rug Goodwood House bespoke weaving



The process begins with a visual appraisal of the original carpet, taking note of the design, where it repeats, the major motifs and all of the colours used. Then the carpet's overall size is measured along with the size of the different motifs and distance between them to prevent distortion of the design in the drawings of the rug.

At this time we also do a knot count to measure knots per square metre. A few knots of each colour are removed from the original rug to match the dyes for the new carpet. Finally, the carpet is photographed in a grid pattern to double check that we have not missed any variations in the design.

All of this information is then used to as a guide to create a grid showing the correct knots per square metre with colour of each knot represented by a coloured square on the gridded paper. The point paper along with samples of all the colours are then sent to our weavers in Bulgaria and a 1 x 2 metre sample is woven showing all major motifs and borders for the client’s approval.

Once the client agrees the sample, the rest of the drawing for the full carpet are completed and sent to Bulgaria for the full size carpet to be woven by our team of amazing weavers!

 David Bamford rug carpet Goodwood

Read more about our bespoke weaving here and David's website here www.davidbamfordhandmadecarpets.co.uk